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Don’t let a malfunctioning recliner chair disrupt your comfort in Greater Manchester. If you have been searching for “recliner repairs near me” Look no further. Whether you’re in a household or a care home, we provide comprehensive mobile electric recliner repair in Manchester, for immediate assistance.

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Why Our Service Stands Out


Need a recliner repair in Greater Manchester, renowned for our expertise, we are the answer when you search for “electric recliner repairs near me”. Understanding that each furniture piece and its owner are unique, we customise our services to suit both manual and electric recliners. Furthermore, we offer a free mobile service for your convenience. This means we come to your location, thereby saving you the effort of moving heavy furniture. Additionally, we back all our repair work with a full guarantee. We repair all brands like DFS, Sherborne, Argos and Parker Knoll to name but a few. 

Specialising in Mobile Recliner Chair Repairs in Manchester and surrounding areas.


Need mobile recliner repair Manchester? We know how inconvenient it can be to be without your electric recliner or have it stuck in the reclined position. Our service brings maximum convenience right to your doorstep meaning there is no need to be without your chair whilst its taken away for repair. 

 Typing “recliner repairs near me” into your search engine? We’re the experts you need. We understand the value of your time, striving to be both efficient and effective. Our goal is to reach you within 24 hours, usually completing most repairs on the same day.

Experts in Electric Recliner Repairs


With the growing popularity of electric recliners, it’s crucial to have a repair service skilled in these sophisticated pieces. Our team is fully trained and equipped with the latest tools and parts for all major brands. Whether it’s a small adjustment or a major repair, we’re ready to restore your electric recliner to perfect condition.

Your Go-To for Emergency Repairs


Life’s unpredictability means emergency repairs are sometimes necessary. We understand for that many people their electric recliner chair is the only way they can sit comfortably without pain Accordingly, we offer an emergency same-day service to help get your chair repaired as quickly as possible. Whenever your recliner malfunctions, just call us, and we’ll promptly address the issue.

Electric Recliner Repair Prices in Manchester

We often get asked what it will cost for an electric recliner repair in Manchester. There are a number of factors that can effect the cost to fix electric recliner repair such as the make, Model, how old it is and of coarse the problem.

Some makes and models of chairs have parts which can only be purchased direct from the manufacturer in which case they will often charge a premium. The same goes for older chairs where the parts may no longer be manufactured meaning they are harder to come by and can cost a premium.

However to help answer the question on the cost to fix an electric recliner chair in Manchester we have given some estimates below. Please note that these are only approximate prices and exact pricing will be given before any work begins.



Recliner chair frame repair From £200.

Electric recliner chair, sofa buttons or remote repair or replacement from £130 including parts and labour.

Electric recliner power supply replacement including fitting £128

Rise and recline control box replacement £140

Linear actuator repair or replacement £220

We understand that costs of repairs can worry those on a tight budget. Sometimes reconditioned parts may be available for your chair and this can help to reduce the costs of a repair. All new parts come with a 12 month warranty and used parts with a 6 month warranty.

Premium Quality


Quality is our top priority. We ensure every repair meets the highest standards and confidently guarantee our work.



Customers praise our prompt and effective service, highlighting our ability to swiftly fix issues like stuck electric rise and recliner chairs.

I searched for an electric recliner repair near me in Manchester and came across recliner repairs. My electric recliner chair was fixed the same day and the price was good too. Many thanks, Audrey (Ashton).

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